A workhorse for large loads and long forwarding distances.

+ 20 tonne load capacity

+ A workhorse that withstands tough handling

+ Wide Load or Wide Load XL

+ Variable transmission – unique and powerful

+ Strong and fast crane

+ Spacious cab with Comfort Line

+ Compatible for bearing or drawing tracks on all wheel pairs


Rottne F20D is a sturdy forwarder with very large load capacity of a full 20 tonnes, making it perfect for transport for long forwarding distances. The balanced bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent flotation capacity and smooth and gentle travel.

Powerful engine and variable transmission

Rottne F20D has a well-balanced power train with a diesel engine that can be run at a low working engine speed, as it achieves maximum torque between 1,000 and 1,500 rpm. The variable hydrostatic transmission with a tractive force of a full 27 tonnes (270 kN) means that Rottne F20D can manoeuvre without problem in all types of terrain and can maintain a high driving speed even with maximum load.

Fast crane with long reach

The crane with designation RK 160 has top-class performance. RK160 has a large oil flow and the valve package is mounted on the crane close to the cylinders, instead of on the machine chassis, which means the crane remains fast. The torsionally strong base, powerful lift capacity and a reach of up to 10 metres, means loading and unloading can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Rottne F20D – the forest’s largest forwarder for efficient transport!

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Wide Load XL - for better efficiency

The Rottne F20D has the adjustable load area Wide Load as standard and Wide Load XL as an option.

Wide Load involves a witdth adjustable load area with mechanically width adjustable load bunks and hyraulically width adjustable headboard.

Wide Load XL has a variable load area with hydraulic stakes and hydraulically width adjustable gate.

Both Wide Load and Wide Load XL provides a better balance of the load as the weight is distributed across the width rather than in height. Wide Load XL also provides a smoother, faster and easier handling during both loading and unloading.

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CAB - with luxury class comfort

Ergonomic operator station with luxury class comfort.

+ Same cab for all forwarders

+ Large windows provide excellent visibility

+ Low sound level – quieter than in a car

+ Unique work lighting

+ Comfort Line


Large and comfortable cab

The spacious and comfortable cab has a modern design where the operator sits in the centre. The large windows and low-set instrument panel provide an uninterrupted view of the immediate and overhead surroundings.

The cab is equipped with a number of storage compartments as well as a heated compartment for food containers. The air conditioner, with filters for both fresh air and recirculated air, has a high fan capacity.

Comfort Line reduces shock and impact

The unique cab suspension system Comfort Line reduces shock and impact and makes crane work and driving in terrain significantly smoother. In 2017 Comfort Line celebrates 10 years – and is thus a tried and tested system. Since the offset Comfort Line has been developed with improved software, more robust structure and more precise positioning.

Quieter than in a car

Sound levels are low – in our cabs in fact quieter than in a car. The cabs easily satisfy the ergonomic guidelines that apply to forestry machines.

Unique work light produces a brilliant operator environment

We have taken a holistic approach to work lighting to further improve the operator environment in our machines. The new LED lamps used are not just significantly better – they are also dimmable when necessary and positioned so that they substantially facilitate work and driving in the dark. With the right type of lighting you can maintain your concentration longer, you do not get as tired, and thus enjoy a significantly better work environment. Read more about our LED-light here.

Same cab model for all machine models

We have a cab for all our forwarders. This means the cab interior, distribution box, computer equipment and control functions are identical, which is a major advantage for operators who switch between our different machine models.

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ROTTNE D5 - a highly competent control system

A machine control system that provides a good overview of the machine’s functions.

The ROTTNE D5 machine control system is based on CAN bus technology and controls and monitors the engine, transmission and loader.  A number of control units are located on the machine close to the functions to be controlled and communicate with the main computer. Settings, monitoring and troubleshooting are performed via the touch screen that is mounted on the armrest. Alarms are indicated by visual and audible signals and are displayed in clear text on the display.

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FORWARDER COMPUTER - user-friendly with automatic reporting

High service availability is an important factor for sound and effective timber production.

+ Fully automatic reporting

+ Powerful processor and hard drive

+ Stanford 2010-standard

+ Increases work efficiency

+ Large touchscreen


The communication between harvesters, forwarders and clients is becoming increasingly important in order for work in the forest to become rational and productive. Naturally our forwarder computer is compatible with Standford 2010-standard, but also manages automatic reporting with standard pdf-files.

Our forwarder computer has the new Forester F30- and GeoInfo software with GPS-equipment as an option. These simplify planning, reporting and provide accurate follow-up. The forwarder computer consists of a powerful computer and a large touchscreen. A printer can also be added.

Forester F30 – facilitates follow up 

Production files from the harvester are received in the forwarder computer. With the help of this, forwarder reporting then shows how much timber has been driven out to the road – and where it is located – for onward transport by truck. The forwarder computer also produces operations follow-up, which shows the machine owner how efficient the operator and machine perform.

Geoinfo – for efficient forwarding

Geoinfo is an option to plan and increase the efficiency of forwarding. This software enables information such as production files and maps with working routes to be automatically transferred from the harvester to the forwarder to facilitate transport planning and ensure that all felled timber is collected.

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SERVICE FRIENDLY - a part of the forwarder's overall economy

Service availability is an important factor during development work on all Rottne machines. Downtime can prove expensive for machine owners and through fast availability the time can be reduced for maintenance, servicing and repairs.

The engine compartment is quickly accessible when the engine hood is folded forward and the belly plate is easily lowered down. The tilting cab opens up the entire power train for inspection and service. The cab has such a large tilt angle that heavier components can be lifted out from the tractor frame using basic lifting equipment.

Easy access permeates Rottne’s forwarders

The entire distribution box opens up for service and inspection via a lockable hatch on the outside of the cab. The operator can check fuses from his position in the driver’s seat.

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ROTTNE XPARTS - save time, money and the environment

Rottne Xparts, our unique exchange system, helps you to shorten or completely avoid downtime.

+ Shorten, or completely avoid, downtime

+ Low repair costs, on average 60 % of the new price

+ Longer warranty than for new parts

+ Quick deliveries


At times misfortune can occur. Things fail. At the worst possible time. Yet with our replacement system for spare parts – Rottne Xparts – you are quickly up and running again. The replacement system is also a good way to minimise downtime through preventive replacement of parts before they fail.

With Rottne Xparts you do not need to wait to get the repair made, but can immediately order a replacement component from your dealer, replace the failed unit and quickly get the machine up and running again. You then return the defective component to us for repair.


In brief, this is how it works:  

1. You order a replacement part from us.If necessary this is shipped express.   

2.You return the failed/replacement part to us within 30 days.   

3. We repair the defective part.The cost is settled.


You save money

When you replace a part of your Rottne machine it is exchanged with a replacement part. You then return the defective part to us and only pay the actual repair or renovation cost for this. This will never be more than 90 per cent of the new price and on average amounts to 60 per cent of the new price.

You get a better warranty than a corresponding new part

As we at Rottne repair the defective part ourselves, we can double the warranty compared with a new part, i.e. one year or 2 000 hours (whichever occurs first) in contrast to a new part which has 6 months or 1 000 hours.

You help to reduce the environmental impact

As an alternative to discarding a defective unit, we renovate it as new again. This reduces the environmental impact and with a clear conscience you can also replace units you know are starting to underperform as a preventive measure to increase the technical utilisation.


Rottne Xparts comprise

• Crane: pumps & rotators

• Control and measuring system: computers & levers

• Hydraulics: pumps

• Harvester head: saw & wheel motors

• Transmission: pumps, motors, wheel motors, differentials, bogie boxes, hub reductions, gearboxes and distribution gearboxes

• Miscellaneous: Engine heater

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Extended service intervals Save money and Increase TU.

+ Lower service costs

+ More production time

+ Updated machine

+ Preventive service

+ Increased TU


With our extended service intervals, you save large sums of money as servicing will be cheaper and downtime for service less – the machines can then produce instead and in doing so increase the technical degree of utilisation (TU).

Extended service intervals mean service at 750 h intervals instead of 500 h – and applies to all models with FT4- or Stage V engines*. Increased service intervals presuppose servicing at our accredited service workshops for the agreement and warranties to apply.

Besides the pure cost saving, you can also include 81 hours that the machine can produce instead of standing still for service. In addition, you have an accredited and trained mechanic that takes care of your machine and continuously ensures you have the latest updates from the factory.


* Up to 1500 hours, service is according to the interval 100, 500, 1000 and 1500 hours. Then every 750 hours of operation, i.e. 2250, 3000 hours, etcetera.

STANDARD OPTIONS - wide range of customization

With different options, the forwarder can be adapted to different terrain types and working conditions.

Standard options for Rottne F20D:

  • Comfort Line
  • Forwarder computer och GPS/Geoinfo
  • Crane scale
  • Central lubrication
  • Dozer blade
  • Balanced bogie
  • Extended front and/or rear wagon frame
  • Wide Load XL
  • Engine heater