Extended service intervals save money and increases production time

Our extended service intervals mean you save a great deal of money as the service is less expensive and downtime for service is shorter – machines can then concentrate on production and with that boost technical utilisation (TU).


+ Lower service costs

+ More production time

+ Updated machine

+ Preventive service

+ Increased technical utilisation (TU)


Longer service intervals result in servicing at 750-hour intervals instead of 500 hours – and apply to all models with FT4- or Stage V engines*. Extended service intervals presuppose service at our authorised service workshops in order for agreements and warranties to apply.

 Besides the pure cost savings, you can also factor in around 86 hours that the machine can be in production instead of standing still for service**. Furthermore, you have an accredited and trained mechanic that takes care of your machine and continuously ensures that it is equipped with the latest updates from the factory.

Contact your dealer for further information.


* Up to 1500 hours the service intervals are 100, 500, 1000 and 1500 hours. Followed by 750 operating hours, i.e. 2250, 3000 hours, etcetera.

** About 81 hours of time saving for Rottne F15 and about 86 hours of time saving for Rottne H21 – time the machines can produce instead of standing still for service.