Rottne Xparts – Save time and money


Do you think it is unfortunate to have to buy new parts all the time? Do you think it feel wrong to throw components away? Would you prefer to repair parts and save money instead of throwing units away?

Thanks to our spare parts replacement system – Rottne Xparts – this is now totally possible. Rottne is unique in the industry in offering preventive replacement of machine parts. Rottne Xparts saves you both time and money.

Rottne Xparts is a great alternative for anyone who wants to make preventive replacements and minimise the risk of downtimes. Preventive change of components at a planned time, such as during a service or the holidays, can give you substantial savings in terms of both money and time. Not only it reduces the risk of breakdown significantly, but it also gives you confidence that unpredicted downtime will be avoided – both on the harvester and on the forwarder.


Rottne Xparts in four easy steps:

1. Take the opportunity to replace a component when your machine is already scheduled for downtime.

2. Order a new replacement part from your dealer. If your need is urgently, we will send it to you by express delivery.

3. You send the replaced unit to us within 30 days .

4. We repair the replaced unit, and you only pay the cost of repair.



When you replace a part, you get an exchange part from Rottne. You send the replaced part to us within 30 days. You only pay the actual repair cost. On average, this cost is 60 procent of the price of the new part, and never more than 90 procent.


Rottne Xparts is a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants to make preventive changes and minimise the downtime of the machines. You do not need to wait for the repair to be carried out, but you can immediately order a replacement component from your dealer, install the working part, and quickly get your machine up and running again.


Rottne is proud of its Xparts system. Therefore, we offer you a 2,000 hour/12-month guarantee (whichever comes first) instead of 1,000 hours/6 months guarantee that we have for new spare parts 


With Rottne Xparts, you consume in a more sustainable way, because instead of a discarding an older unit, we restore it to a condition of a new, which extends the lifespan of the component. Reusing the existing components implies that minimal impact on the environment. This preventive approach also gives you the opportunity to increase the technical utilization of the components that have started to perform worse.

+ Short, or altogether avoid, downtime

+ Low repair cost, on average 60 % of the new price

+ Longer warranty than for new parts

+ Quick deliveries


For further information, please contact your nearest dealer.


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