Rottne warranty

One of the best warranties in the entire industry


+ 3,000 working hours* on machine parts

+ 3,000 hours* on labor costs for replacing the part

+ Travel cost up to 300 km per warranty case**

+ Labour cost on 100 working hours service



We have been developing and improving our forwarders and harvesters daily. This hard work, together with the Swedish strive for maximal effectiveness, has now resulted in the warranty standard reaching a whole new level. We have now introduced new warranty terms for all newly produced forestry machines. We take responsibility for the quality of our product, and give extra purchasing security for our customers by striving to erase the possible disruptions in operations that our customers may be exposed to. Rottne’s investment means that the company’s machines leave the assembly halls with basic guarantees that are now among the best in the entire industry.


The new basic warranty foresees that Rottne Industri replaces for free of charge the machine parts that break down due to manufacturing or material defects up to 3,000 working hours*. We compensate the machine owner for the work it takes to change the part up to 3,000 hours*. We also cover the travel cost for the service technician, up to 300 km per warranty case, until the machine has worked for 500 hours**. Besides, we also cover the labour cost of the first service, which is done after 100 working hours.
* Valid for 12 months (whichever occurs first).

** Valid for 6 months (whichever occurs first).

For further information about Rottne’s warranty please feel free to contact your local dealer.