30 March 2022

Development and improvements when B and C become D

In our factories, there is continuous development and refinement of the components on our machines. Today our B and C models have been replaced by D, which entails a number of improvements for virtually the entire machine. Machines that were really good before have now become even better, stronger and more powerful.

Narrower and stronger
For forwarders, there was demand both for a new, smaller machine as well as a much larger machine. The result was the Rottne F10D in a new, narrower and lithe version. At the same time, big brother Rottne F18D was upgraded to the powerful F20D, with even better traction than before. We call it the workhorse. A machine that is a perfect match for our largest harvesters. The forwarder family was also expanded with the Rottne F11D, a compact forwarder in the mid-size class and with high load capacity.

Strong, stronger, Rottne H21D
Rottne H20 was introduced in 2001 as a strong harvest for final cut. Since then we have developed and improved the machine. The result became the Rottne H21D which was launched in 2014 – an even stronger and more efficient harvester, which is ideal in the final harvesting when only the best alternative is an option.

Continuous environmental approach
We all have a shared responsibility for the forest and nature, which is an important resource. This why we have a continuous focus on the environmental aspects at all our plants and why it is natural part of our day-to-day work. During 2019, we gradually introduced Step V engines on all harvesters and forwarders, which meet the EU standards for diesel engines.


HVO – an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel
All our machines can now also run on HVO, hydrogenated vegetable oil. HVO is a type of biodiesel that is chemically identical or very similar to fossil diesel fuel. This means that fossil diesel can be fully replaced.

We use eco oils that are easy to break down. In replacement of hoses we are minimizing spills with the use of vacuum pumps, and our eight-wheeled machines all exert low ground pressure out in the forest.

The same environmental approach applies to the blue paint. After extensive testing of different paint systems, we now use Polane, a paint with less than half the solvent emissions along with reduced paint consumption as a result.


Rottne Connect – the smart tool
In 2017, we launched Rottne Connect, our Internet-based telematic system – the ideal tool for avoiding problems – and installed on all new machines that leave the factory. With this system, you can easily obtain current data on the machines you are using – around the clock.


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