30 March 2022

New cab damping revolutionizes the operator environment
Our expansion continues and both forwarders and harvesters are now sold all over the world. The development and launch of new machines is a continuous process and an addition to the family of harvesters is launched, the Rottne H11. A safe, stable and highly productive harvester.

During the 2000s, our new F-series of forwarders was developed.


The first in the industry with cab damping

The focus on a good cab and operator environment continues and the initiative results in the cab damping system Comfort Line 2007, something that we were first with on our machines and that for several years only we could provide.

Comfort Line was initially fitted on the Rottne F18 and Rottne F10, but today it is on all our forwarders. Since 2011, there has also been a variation of the Comfort Line for our harvesters. With the design, cab vibrations and impact have been significantly reduced, and crane work and operation in terrain have become considerably smoother.

Since its launch, the system has been gradually refined and developed into the current Generation 2 with improved software, more robust construction and more precise positioning.

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