30 March 2022

Smash hit with Blondin

Towards the end of the 1960s, 1968, the first forwarder was launched. A complete forestry machine that would be a big seller that no one had dared dream of. The competitor had their Brunette, so the new machine was simply named Blondin.

After many development hours and a series of prototypes, it was finally time for the premier showing. The place was the forestry trade fair at Elmia in Jönköping and the people in the industry were lyrical.
The cable cranes and Blondin are the products that have meant most for our development. Even now, people are still talking about the wonder from Rottne and owning a Blond has nearly reached cult status.

Launch of Blondin went from success to smash hit. Unlike its competitors, Rottne had developed a relatively small and lithe forwarder, with good load and operating characteristics.

Machine owners and operators loved the durable work horse that was both easy to run and service, and that was also very reliable. For those wanting a robust machine with good economy, Blondin was an excellent choice.

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