Rottne F13D – the world’s most versatile forwarder

Rottne F13D is the optimal forwarder if you are looking for an intermediate-class forwarder for both final felling and thinning. The decisive difference to the machine’s advantage is the steerable wagon that gives unique characteristics.


The extremely large steering angle, a full 54 degrees, and the tight turning radius on Rottne F13Dmean it is very compliant. The forwarder’s powerful chassis can cope with the demands of final felling, but it is also ideal in dense thinning areas because of its unique wagon steering. This is because it does not take up more space than the width of the machine when the wagon section follows the towing section exactly.



A simple summary is that if you can pass between two trees with the front wheels, the wagon will also pass through as the rear wheels follow in the same track. Rottne F13D will then be, in many cases, more responsive than a smaller forwarder without a steerable wagon

- Wagon steering make everyday life easier for you as an operator. In addition to exact tracking, you can steer the wagon where you want, for example, shift the wagon sideways and give the wagon its own track or steer the wagon separately to avoid obstacles. “You are frequentlysold directlywhen you test drive a Rottne F13D and several customers return to this model,”says Samuel Östling, technical sales support at Rottne.



The profit with a Rottne F13 lies in being able to use the same machine all year round. Many entrepreneurs not only run the same type of timber all year round, it may require final felling as well as thinning. A small machine then becomes easily overloaded and loses in service life, which means that a larger machine is also needed.

Hydraulically operated headboard and front bunk make Rottne F13D very versatile when handling different timber lengths. Rottne F13D can be equipped with Wide Load and hydraulic stakes, which increases the load area from 4.7 sqm to 5.5 sqm.

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