Rottne Simulator

Rottne simulator – as close to reality you can come. For training and support, Rottne simulator gives a real-life operating experience that contributes towards know-how and interest.

The machine’s engine, powertrain and hydraulic system are simulated in a real-life manner. The operator receives a credible sensory impression through amazing graphics and an advanced motion platform.

Production and operating follow-up are possible

The Rottne simulator is equipped with a complete control and measurement system. This makes it possible to change machine settings and directly experience the change on the simulated machine. It is also possible to create different felling objects with production and operating follow-up, precisely as on a real Rottne machine.

The Rottne simulator comes with harvester functionality. Forwarder functionality is under development and will be offered as an update. The simulator switches between functions with a simple setting.

Virtual environment with different types of forest and terrain

The surroundings in the Rottne simulator cover an area of 300 x 300 metres with varying terrain and forest roads. The area consists of different stands with everything from dense thinning to final thinning and final felling. The tree species included are pine and birch that give good visibility and graphics. Tree dimensions and the mixture of tree species varies.

Different exercises and free driving

The Rottne simulator already features a number of exercises as a supplement to free operating. More exercises will be developed, designed for training new operators and mechanics.


Machine control system: ROTTNE D5

Bucking system: ROTTNE Forester

Display: 15” touchscreen

Seat: BeGe seat with Rottne palettes and 5-button joystick


Processor: Second Level cache/ Intel 6 cores/15 MB/3.5 GHz

Graphics: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G GDDRS 256 bits

Hard drive: SSD 256 GB and HDD SATA III 1000 GB

Screen: 55” HD

Power supply: 200-240 VAC


Packaging: 200x110x180 cm (LxWxH)

Simulator: 180 x 80 cm (LxW)
Height (seat): 170 cm
Height (screen): 200-210 cm
Width (screen): 125 cm
Weight: 375 kg