EGS 406 is a well-tested harvester head used on Rottne H8. The head has two feed rollers of steel or for sensitive wood made of solid rubber, two pairs of moving delimbing knives and a saw unit with automatic chain tension.

The compact design and low weight make it ideal for use in all types of thinning stand. The head has a short frame, possibility to control the upper and lower knives and wheels separately and a high tractive force provide excellent conditions for processing bent and difficult hardwood. Diameter measurement is performed via sensors in the lower knives and length measurement by a separate free-running measuring wheel.

Colour marking, stump spray and multitree handling are available as option.



Feed rollersROTTNE / Finnskogsvalsar / Moipu
Feed rate0 - 4 m/sek (0 - 13 ft/sec)
Power supply14.3 kN (3 215 lbf)
Wheel opening385 mm (15 in)
Opening, upper knives463 mm (18 in)
Opening, lower knives516 mm (20 in)
The pruning diameter40–330 mm (2 - 13 in)
Chains590 mm (23 in)
Cutting diameter430 mm (17 in)
Chain speed40 m/sek (130 ft/sec9
Tilt angle145°
Width wheels closed960 mm (38 in)
Width wheels opened1 145 mm (45 in)
Depth565 mm (22 in)
Height1 260 mm (50 in)
Weight480 kg (1 060 lbs)
Maximum tree size dbh *33 cm (13 in)
  • Harvester head
  • Harvester head


Log Max 3000T is a thinning head best suited for long reach booms.

Feed rollersV-Steel
Feed rate4,2 m/s / 4,6 m/s
Power supply18,4 kN / 16,8 kN
Wheel opening394 mm
Opening, upper knives408 mm
Chains600 mm
Width wheels closed964 mm
Width wheels opened1129 mm
Height1325 mm
Weight623 kg
  • Harvester head