Safe, stable and powerful, world-class forwarder

ROTTNE F18 is a large forwarder with a load capacity of 18 tonnes, providing more efficient transport for long forwarding distances. Adjustable load area also available as an optional extra. The portal bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent bearing capacity and smooth and gentle travel. The wagon is available in two frame lengths and the load area has a very low centre of gravity.

The forest’s large forwarder for efficient transport!

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WELL THOUGHT-OUT - in every detail

ROTTNE F18 has a well-balanced power train with a diesel engine that can be run at a low working engine speed, as it achieves maximum torque between 1,000 and 1,500 rpm.

The transmission is hydrostatic with two hydraulic motors in a 3-speed automatic gearbox that allows gear changing when fully loaded, and with a tractive force of 22 tonnes a high speed can be maintained even at maximum load. The portal bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent bearing capacity and smooth and gentle travel. The wagon is available in two frame lengths and the load area has a low centre of gravity. The hydraulically-controlled gate allows the wagon to be adapted for short timber lengths for optimum weight distribution and stability. Bunks for a width-adjustable load area are available as an optional extra.

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NEW FORWARDER CAB - modern design

The operator environment is superb thanks to the light, spacious and quiet cab that also offers very good visibility.

The ergonomically-designed lever panels feature all the functions used most frequently, which means that hauling work can be performed safely and smoothly. The cab offers full standing height and is well insulated to ensure low noise levels. High fan capacity and 16 air inlet vents in the lower part of the cab, as well as adjustable vents in the roof give a comfortable climate. The air-sprung operator’s seat is equipped with Airvent and infinitely adjustable armrests. As an option, the forwarder can also be equipped with the COMFORT LINE system. This unique cab suspension system reduces shock and impact and makes driving in terrain significantly smoother.

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FORWARDER COMPUTER - for good follow-up

The communication between forwarders, harvesters, and clients is becoming increasingly important in order for work in the forest to become rational and productive.

Information about daily production and timber positions will soon be a part of all operators’ everyday life. The forwarder computer is an option that simplifies reporting and provides accurate follow-up. The forwarder computer consists of a computer and colour monitor with touch screen. This equipment enables information such as production files and maps with working routes to be automatically transferred from the harvester to the forwarder to ensure that all felled timber is collected. There is also a program for daily production with coordinates showing the position of roadside timber stacks as well as an operations follow-up program with times for loading, unloading and servicing.

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ROTTNE D5 - a superior control system

A machine control system that provides a good overview of the machine’s functions

The ROTTNE D5 machine control system is based on CAN bus technology and controls and monitors the engine, transmission and loader.  A number of control units are located on the machine close to the functions to be controlled and communicate with the main computer. Settings, monitoring and troubleshooting are performed via the touch screen that is mounted on the armrest. Alarms are indicated by visual and audible signals and are displayed in clear text on the display.

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High service availability is an important factor for sound and effective timber production.

Downtime is costly and it is important that the time for service and repairs is minimised. On forwarder ROTTNE F18 it takes only a few minutes to access all areas of the tractor. The engine and transmission are easily accessed by tilting the engine hood forwards and tipping the cab sideways. The front and rear belly plates have hinges mounted under the front axle and the entire underside opens.

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Flexible trailer

ROTTNE F18 is a robust and well-balanced off-road chassis with high performance.

The flat car frame is ideal for various bodies such as scarification or hook. The chassis may have six or eight wheels. Large wheels and high ground clearance which gives a very good capability, even in very difficult terrain and the further improvement of the bogie fitted with tracks. The machine is equipped with the strong and rapid loader RK160 with extension 2.2 m, which give you a reach of 8.5 meter.