Keep track with Rottne Connect

Where did I leave the machine? Are things going to plan? Is it time for a service?

The ability to easily access up-to-date details about the machine you are working with saves time, money and a lot of problems. This is simply solved by Rottne Connect, Rottne’s internet based telematic system: login using any mobile phone or computer and gain access to all the data you need, clearly presented and arranged to meet your requirements.

Take advantage of Rottne Connect!


Machine owner

  • Keep track of you activities every day, for example, see fuel consumption, production and technical degree of utilisation (TU)
  • Have immediate access to up-to-date decision making data for planning and investments
  • Choose yourself which continuous follow-up is compiled
  • Discover small and large development possibilities through the statistics provided by Rottne Connect
  • Receive support for preventive maintenance


Machine operator

  • Easily locate the machine, even after moving and shift changes
  • Check the fuel, battery and oil levels remotely
  • Remotely operate the heater if necessary
  • Check and adjust your harvester head with the help of recent statistics



  • Trouble shoot, update and make settings remotely
  • Easily locate the machine you need to service
  • Receive error messages and alarm history
  • Receive support for preventive maintenance


This is how it works

With a Rottne Connect subscription you login from any mobile phone or computer. Your connected machine/machines continuously send information wirelessly for safe storage in Rottne Connect’s cloud service. 

What you see when logged in is adapted to your role – for example as the machine owner, operator or technician. You can also adapt the views yourself, so that you easily find data that is important to you.

As a Rottne Connect user you can subscribe to follow-up reports that are of interest to you. You can also tailor specific reports when the need arises.


Login page

  • Accessible from any connected computer or mobile phone
  • Each user has their own tailored privileges


Overview machines

  • An overview over the entire machine park with selectable columns
  • Geographical mapping
  • Alarm status


Machine page

  • Geographical mapping
  • Current level values for among others fuel and battery
  • Possibility of remote heater activation
  • Calendar views for machines and current operator